Tuesday Tip important things to consider when comparing auto insurance...

Why "cheap" isn't a good word when speaking about car insurance? When you are looking for a good auto insurance policy many people think that price is one of the most important things to consider. While price is certainly one of the key things that we look at when comparing policies and most always one of the first things that causes people to start looking- adequate coverage is always more important.

Saving money by raising deductibles, removing coverages, waiving PIP limits and having minimum UM limits is a way to lower your price but at what cost? Accidents happen and having higher limits of liability will always protect you and your family better than a bare bones policy. These limits also can and will protect your loved ones in the event you are involved in an uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist claim.

Many direct carriers are geared to focus on price and price alone as they know that is the key to having people switch. When comparing policies online their systems most always default you with higher deductibles and lower limits. Our agency would much rather earn your business the right way. Let our award winning team provide you and your family the protection that you need and you deserve.

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