Homeowners Insurance - Firearms coverage?

A friendly tip for all of you hunters from the insurance guy here -

Did you know that typical homeowners insurance policy will only cover firearms for up to $2,500 for stolen firearms and your homeowners deductible will also apply? Many hunters have much more valuable collections than this so it is a good idea to insure your firearms under a scheduled personal property rider or a personal articles floater. You can also endorse many homeowners policies to add blanket coverage for firearms as well though the coverage isn't as broad as scheduling them. These riders offer much broader coverage and also can have lower or even no deductibles. Having a copy of the purchase receipt or an appraisal is required to schedule firearms coverage with most companies. Gary K. Marshall Insurance Agency

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Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Weekend Insurance Family!
Our offices will be closed on Monday September 2nd for Labor Day. If you are traveling please drive safely. Do you know why we celebrate Labor Day? Take a little refresher by clicking here

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As the summer starts to wind down and everything turns to pumpkin spice now is a good time to do annual home maintenance. Take a look at these tips to keep you home in shape click here

Back to school! REALLY???

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With summer winding down and the return to school for many right around the corner now is a perfect time to review your auto insurance. Many parents are unaware that if their college student driver is over 100 miles away from home and will not have access to their car they may qualify for a distant-student discount. These discounts vary by company and may be called something else such as a resident-student discount but in general it is the same principle, that the student is away at college and will not have access to the car.

Be sure if they are attending a local college and still live at home with good grades that you have informed us as this is another important discount that can help save you money. Good Grades deserve good discounts!

With high school student drivers having a good student discount is even more important. There are only a few things that can increase your insurance more than adding a 16 year old to your policy… So a few ways to reduce cost while at least maintaining your current level of protection are: 1. Increase your deductible or reduce your coverage on older cars to liability or liability with comprehensive coverage. 2. See if your company offers a green discount. Simply allow your company to email you documents and bills and get a discount. 3. Look into a auto pay plan, or pay in full plan as this can be a large discount. 4. If you have a collector car or a sports car that isn’t driven much see if it qualifies for a seperate collector policy for that car that the teen will not drive. This would be a restricted use policy and your young driver most likely would be excluded and can not drive that car. While on the subject of cars unless you want to pay an outrageous amount of money for insurance getting little Johnny that Corvette isn’t advised!

One of the most important tips that we recommend is to make sure that you have good liability limits on your policy to begin with. Adding a young driver greatly increases your exposure. If you do not already have a Personal Umbrella Policy it is strongly advised to consider one. If you have lower liability limits we urge you to raise them. Having higher coverages will help provide you much better protection and it also protects you in the event you are hit by someone with low limits or no coverage at all. Now is not the time to look at reducing liability limits which is one of the first things we see happen to people when they start calling around getting quotes. So focused on price the consumer can easily be tricked into accepting a lesser policy. Even when promised it is the same coverage many times the coverage limits aren’t the same.

Enjoy the rest of summer Insurance Family!


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Another Sincere Thank You!

We want to take a moment to "Thank You" for voting David Galeone - Best Insurance Agent on The Eastern Shore by the readers of the Metropolitan Magazine and also Best Insurance Agent in Wicomico County by the readers of Coastal Style Magazine! And to say “Thank you” we are going to give back to the community that supports us.

The same as last year we will donate $1000 to Your Favorite Local Charity or Non Profit Organizations - (4) $250 donations. We can't think of a better way of Thanking You - "Our Insurance Family" and giving back to our community. Please list local charities and or organizations since we want to give back to the community that supports us. Nominate your favorite nonprofit or charity by by clicking here to go to Facebook and following the steps outlined in the post or just comment below right on this blog.

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Happy 4th of July Insurance Family!

Happy 4th of July Insurance Family!
Our offices will be closed on Thursday for the 4th of July. If you are traveling please drive safely. See what you know about the day America declared her independence with a little refresher by clicking here

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Did you know a simple cleaning of your grill can reduce the risk of having a grill fire. Click Here to learn more about grilling safety.

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Thank you!!! I sincerely appreciate getting voted "Best Insurance Agent" on the Eastern Shore in the Metropolitan Magazine once again.

- David

Adding a Teen Driver

Adding a teen driver is absolutely one of the most important times that you should review your auto policy. If you have an agent or company that doesn't take the time to go over your coverages and options when adding your teen or if they don't recommend listing them on the auto policy it should send up Red Flags 🚩

👉 Give us a call 410-651-1111 or 410-749-2220 we are here to help 📞📱

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Memorial Day - Office Hours and Grill Safety


This Memorial Day we remember all of those who have sacrificed for our great country.
Our offices will be closed on Monday the 27 in Observance of Memorial Day. If you are traveling please be sure to drive safely. Take a minute and see if you know about our American Holiday: Memorial Day

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A Huge Thank You - Insurance Family!  

Thank you and the readers of the Metropolitan Magazine for voting me "Best Insurance Agent" on the Eastern Shore for a second year in a row! 

This is a real honor and it’s very humbling to get this award again. I owe a huge “Thank You” to Our Super Team and Our Insurance Family here at Gary K. Marshall Insurance Agency!

I would really like to extend  a very special Thank you to Renee, Laura, Danielle, Neal, Dick, Lillian, Brenda, Amanda, Will, Gary and of course all of you. 

Keep an eye out for another email to follow soon announcing a community give back just like last year. So once more THANK YOU!

David M. Galeone

When comparing insurance...

When comparing your insurance it is always important to make sure you are getting at least the same coverages you have now if not better. Too many times we see people who feel they have been tricked into getting a cheaper rate only to find out they don't have the same type of policy they had. We have seen just about everything with these tricks...less coverage, higher deductibles, vehicles missing, coverage missing, young drivers left off quotes. Having an agent that will take the time to explain your coverages and not try to sell you on price and price alone comparison is extremely important. We love saving our "insurance family" money but only if we are offering the same or better coverages. After all we want to treat you like family...our insurance family

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Refer and Win Contest! Win a YETI Tundra 35 Cooler!

✅☑️REFER and WIN Contest!☑️✅

🤗 Our business is built on referrals! So many of the calls that we get for quotes come from our Insurance Family telling their friends and family about us. 🤗 So we have a new referral contest just for you! You could be the big winner of this awesome YETI Tundra 35 cooler by just by simply continuing to tell your friends/family or co-workers to call our agency for an insurance quote.

Here’s how it works:

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✍️Make sure all of the people you refer have your full name and your phone number and/or email address so we can enter you into the drawing and confirm your entry (we will text or email you confirmation of your entry). You will only be entered if your name is mentioned and information provided at the time of the quote.

If your referral gets multiple quotes (such as a home and auto quote) your name will go in once for each quote type which increases your odds of winning! This promotion will run from November 16th and have our drawing on February 16th! There will be one grand prize winner who will win a YETI Tundra 35 cooler (ice blue)!!!

➡️Please note that your odds are not increased if your referral purchases a policy with our agency. But for your name to be entered we must provide them with a quote and they must provide us with your info.⬅️

✅☑️ It’s that easy, just make sure all the people you tell to get a quote with our agency during the contest period have your name and provide an email and/or phone number for you when they call and you will be entered to win! Good luck to the Best Insurance Family on Delmarva and remember the more people you tell the greater your chances of winning the YETI!!! ☑️✅

Tuesday Tip important things to consider when comparing auto insurance...

Why "cheap" isn't a good word when speaking about car insurance? When you are looking for a good auto insurance policy many people think that price is one of the most important things to consider. While price is certainly one of the key things that we look at when comparing policies and most always one of the first things that causes people to start looking- adequate coverage is always more important.

Saving money by raising deductibles, removing coverages, waiving PIP limits and having minimum UM limits is a way to lower your price but at what cost? Accidents happen and having higher limits of liability will always protect you and your family better than a bare bones policy. These limits also can and will protect your loved ones in the event you are involved in an uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist claim.

Many direct carriers are geared to focus on price and price alone as they know that is the key to having people switch. When comparing policies online their systems most always default you with higher deductibles and lower limits. Our agency would much rather earn your business the right way. Let our award winning team provide you and your family the protection that you need and you deserve.

Have questions give us a call 410-651-1111 or 410-749-2220! 

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Tuesday Tip

Take a look at the most common and the most expensive causes of property losses. This study was conducted by Travelers over a period of 8 years. They have determined fire is ranked as the most expensive cause of loss. However the most frequent cause of loss is from wind claims. Ranked in 2nd for the most common loss is non-weather water losses which is also the 3rd most expensive as well. These losses are from plumbing, sewer, or appliance leaks and failures. We often recommend water leak sensors to our homeowner clients which can detect small amounts of moisture and alert you of a leak. You can find inexpensive sensors at amazon such as these from First Alert. If you have a centrally monitored alarm system in your home many companies offer sensors that can be integrated to alert you just as smoke detectors.  

We hope you enjoy our Tuesday Tips and please share with your friends and family. Have questions give us a call 410.651.1111 or 410.749.2220.

Stay safe insurance family,

Tuesday Tip - Reconstruction Cost vs. Market Value


Hi Insurance Family! It's Tuesday Tip Time. So what is the difference between Replacement cost vs. Market Value?

We are often asked by our insurance family why their home is insured for $220,000 when they get their tax assessment or say they could only sell the home for $150,000. There are many factors that are considered when calculating replacement values of homes such as quality of construction, construction materials, as well as location and many other factors. In addition to MSB and E2value software that insurance companies use for calculating reconstruction estimates many insurance companies use independent inspectors to help determine the reconstruction value of your home.

So just because you may have purchased your home for significantly less than what it is insured for, that doesn't mean it would not cost that much to build it back. With recent catastrophic events such as the wildfires in CA and elsewhere across the country it has put a strain on building materials and has caused construction material prices to increase substantially.

Another important reason to keep your home insured to value is when dealing with most replacement cost policies is because if the home is not insured at least 80% to value you may not receive the full value of your claim. This is why it is very important to contact your agent if you have built an addition or made significant improvements to your home?

Have questions give us a call 410.651.1111 or 410.749.2220!

Special Discount...not so special?

Hi Insurance Family it is Tuesday Tip Time Again! So you are getting a special discount? Part of an affiliate program, have a club memberships, or an employer sponsored or endorsed plan? These and many other discounts are quite confusing? Especially when many times people realize they are paying much more money for far less insurance coverage... (watch the video to learn more...)

Hi Insurance Family it is Tuesday Tip Time Again! So you are getting a special discount? Part of an affiliate program, have a club memberships, or an employer sponsored or endorsed plan? These and many other discounts are quite confusing? Especially when many times people realize they are paying much more money for far less insurance coverage... (watch the video to learn more...)

New Maryland Enhanced UIM

Tuesday Tip - Enhanced UIM What’s that?


Starting on July 1st of this year all new policies sold in the state of Maryland must offer Enhanced Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This new law applies to private passenger auto policies which include motorcycle policies as well but not commercial autos.  With Enhanced Underinsured Motorists Coverage in the event of a claim your liability limits will not be reduced by the amount of available coverage from the at-fault party’s insurer. This in simple terms means you will be able to use the full amount of your own insurance even if the other parties policy has paid out under their liability limits in an amount equal or greater than your own liability limit. Existing policies are not required to offer Enhanced UIM so it is important to check with your agent if you are considering adding this valuable coverage. In my opinion it would be in policyholders best interest to add the enhanced Underinsured Motorist Coverage. I have seen a number of claims which the at fault party has inadequate coverage and by adding the Enhanced UIM it will allow you to access your full limit on your own policy.


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Tuesday Tip July 3rd 2018 Mobile phones and claims phone numbers

At the time of a loss most people don’t know what to do. From a devastating house fire to a minor auto accident one of the most important pieces of information can be kept in the palm of your hand. Your mobile phone. Most companies today have mobile friendly apps that you can access claims numbers, and even ID cards. In the event your specific company doesn’t offer a mobile app it is a great idea to keep your policy numbers and the number to the claims centers saved in your phone in the event of a loss. Of course we are here to help you but in the event of a claim after hours or on a holiday having this information can simplify filing a loss and get you on the way to having repairs completed .


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Insuring your teen driver


Insuring your teen driver

You probably already assume that it will be expensive to insure your teenage driver. But adding a young driver to your insurance can easily double what you are paying now. Considering that half of all teens will be involved in an accident before graduating from high school according to the National Safety Council it is no wonder why. When it comes to insurance for your young driver it is the perfect time to have your insurance policies reviewed. While some companies are extremely competitive for Adults, or Married couples they may not be in the market or offer a competitive rate for young drivers at all. The most important thing is to make sure your teen is a listed driver on your policy if they live in your household or have regular access to your car. It is also extremely important to review your liability limits on your policy as well as consider a personal umbrella policy if you do not have one already.

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Summer Grilling Safety

We wanted to share with our Gary Marshall Agency Family - "Master Barbecuers" some facts regarding home fires involving grills and Tips to prevent them in the first place. Take a look at the National Fire Protection Association's Fact Sheet found here: 
🌭 http://snip.ly/57vff 🍔

Tips to prevent grill fires:

🔥Keep your grill clean
🔥Keep your grill away from combustibles
🔥Don't leave your grill unattended
🔥Make sure to check your hoses and connections to gas lines

Be safe Insurance Family! 👍