Maryland Drivers now required to carry valid proof of insurance while driving.

Effective October 1, 2016 all drivers in Maryland are required to carry valid proof of insurance, and present it during traffic stops, at the request of a law enforcement officer. Your Insurance Identification card is required to list the following information: 

  1. First Named Insured on the motor vehicle liability policy;
  2. Vehicle covered under the motor vehicle liability insurance policy; and,
  3. Period for which coverage under the motor vehicle liability policy is in effect. 

It is important to be aware of this new law and that a fine will be eventually be enforced. Please make sure that you have current proof of insurance in all of your vehicles. Make sure that your address is correct with your insurance company. The new law also allows for insurers to provide an electronic Insurance Identification Card with insured's consent. If you need updated ID cards please call either of our offices at 410.651.1111, or 410.749.2220 and we can email ID cards to you. To see the article from the Maryland Insurance Administration click here.